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To sponsor/conduct activities and events that ultimately result in a companion animal being removed from the reproductive cycle through spay/neuter or eliminating exposure to situations that would result in an increase in the pet population. We will do this through:

1. Reducing the number of companion animals that are reproducing by sponsoring and/or conducting spay/neuter events and individual spay/neuter/wellness services for companion animals for income challenged individuals/families.
2. Conducting surrender events for companion animals to move animals to rescues and shelters for spay/neuter/wellness and ultimately adoptive homes.
3. Supporting other 501(c)(3) organizations/rescues/shelters to provide access to reduced/no fee spay/neuter/wellness services to help them increase the number of animals they can assist.
4. Partnering with companion animal food providers to offer free or reduced cost pet food at surrender events and spay/neuter/wellness clinics.
5. Establishing mobile veterinary services. This may include setting up a mobile unit or facilitating MASH style spay/neuter clinics with ‘guest’ veterinarians performing the veterinary service.
6. Assisting other 501(c)(3) organizations/rescues/shelters to accept injured, deemed not adoptable at a shelter, or ill companion animals into their organization by providing free/low cost temporary housing.